Gesture-Controlled Smart Car

About the product

-  Car controlling has to does is move/rotate your forearm. 

- Ultigesture Gesture-Controlled Smart Car.

- Has smartphone control, so you can tilt your phone to steer it. 

- The smart wristband has an ARM Cortex M4F with 9-DoF IMU.

- Bluetooth, and 5 LED lights to indicate battery level. 

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Control and make turns use your arms

Now you can play like driving a car, use your arms to control and make turns like you would with a steering wheel. Drive the coolest car around with our Ultigesture Gesture-Controlled Smart Car - with its strong and powerful engine connected with very stable Bluetooth, it gives you a 360-degree access to the race. As a result, racers get a precise and realistic racing experience and anyone can easily master learning the gestures in just a few minutes.

Technology to recognize your gestures

The Gesture Control Mode uses innovative gesture recognition and control technology to recognize your gestures through our smart wristband, and so to control the car accordingly. To deliver the most realistic racing experience, we consulted lots of RC car racers and defined our gestures accordingly.  

How it work

First, racers raise the forearm horizontally and rotate the wrist to start the gesture control. When the racer moves the forearm up, the car goes forward. Moving the forearm down makes the car go backward. A slight clockwise turn makes the car turn right, and counter-clockwise makes it turn left. The farther the wrist moves, the faster the speed!

Control smart cars more easily on Android phones

The Tilt Control Mode allows you to control our smart cars more easily on Android phones or smart watches by combining racing and control seamlessly. By tilting a smartphone running our Android app, a racer is given a new way to control the Ultigesture Smart Car. In this Tilt Control Mode, the smartphone works as the steering wheel for the car.

Range claimed
20 meters (22 yds)
ABS plastics and will be shock resistant
Access to the race
ARM Cortex M4F 
 Bluetooth LE
20 km/h (13 mph)

Charging time

Two-to-three hour
Battery life
30 minutes 
ColorBlack, orange
Connectivity to app
Accompanying Android app


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