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- 15 MPH Maximum speed, 8+ Mile range.

- Bluetooth speakers, customizable LED lighting.

- 225 Pounds max. rider weight.

- Removable battery, programmable light display.

- At only 18 lbs with 1 battery and 21 lbs.

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The Board

The GeoBlade 500 is an electric board with a single 10 inch tire wheel at the center. It uses tilt to control acceleration and braking, and has a small LIDAR sensor built in to the battery that enables it to judge the slope of the ground and adjust power accordingly. It uses a 500W brushless DC motor and comes with one 180Wh lithium-ion battery that gives it about 8 miles of range.  A second battery slot underneath the board gives it the ability to hold an additional battery and double the range to 16 mi.


Illuminate the ground

A strip of customizable colored LEDs run around the perimeter of the board, and there are white and red LEDs in the front and rear to illuminate the ground. Around the charge port on top of the board, there are 5 LEDs that indicate the battery level as well as any error message codes. On the deck of the board, the wheel is encased in a plastic shell that prevents the rider from touching the wheel or having dirt flung onto their legs. With one battery, the board weighs about 20 lbs, and a built-in handle on the board makes carrying it around easy and comfortable.


Gyro-stabilized electric board

Experience the excitement of surfing on land with the GeoBlade 500 One Wheel Electric Board. Featuring just one wheel, this gyro-stabilized electric board allow you to carve the streets. With a maximum speed of 15mph, you can comfortably cruise or carve. Just lean forward to accelerate and lean back to reduce your speed. In addition, the GeoBlade 500 has a range of seven miles on a single battery. Or you can easily swap in your spare battery to go for longer.


Bluetooth speakers

Plus, charging the battery only takes only 2.5 hours to reach full charge. The board includes a programmable light display, which is ideal for riding at night. You can even get the light display to tell you how much power you have left. Moreover, the GeoBlade 500 provides Bluetooth speakers, offering a soundtrack to your journey.

Max Speed 
15 MPH
7+ Miles
Max Rider Weight
225 Pounds
Charging Time  
2.5 Hours
18 Pounds
Watt-Hr battery 


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