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GeniCan can also automatically order popular items, like diapers, paper towels, and snacks, once they have been thrown away or recycled.

When you run out of a product, you can scan the item before throwing it away to quickly add it to a grocery list.

Items without a bar code can also be effortlessly added by holding the item in front of GeniCan for a couple of seconds and using voice recognition technology to instruct the device.

To avoid accidentally adding products, GeniCan is calibrated to only add items that have been intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition.

If an item is simply tossed into the garbage can, it will not be added to the list.


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The GeniCan is a trash bin attachment that scans barcodes of your food containers, build grocery lists and orders from Amazon. Great for the Home or Office.Barcode scanning and voice recognition directly on your bin to help you save time and money.

 It’s your grocery list made easy. Scan items where you are already disposing of them, making it a seamless integration into your routine.Scanned items are saved to a shopping list on your smartphone or delivered directly through Amazon Dash.

Hold an item over your GeniCan and you will be prompted to say what item you want to add to your list.Authorize individual items to reorder automatically with Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Just scan and the item will ship right to your doorstep.GeniCan leverages sensors to detect and scan items, which are then added to the app through a connection to the home’s Wi-Fi.


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