Gemio Band

About the product

- Flexible, slip on band with 20 RGB LED array.

- Microphone to sync with the music.

- 3-axis accelerometer, light sensor.

- Haptic feedback vibration motor, splash resistant.

- Bluetooth Low Energy radio.

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Staying more stylish with Gemio

Staying connected in this digital era will be more stylish and efficient with Gemio. This is considered as a social wearable for everyone out there that uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and a mesh network. Wearers can pair up their Gemio bands with simple gestures such as a handshake or a high-five. Once paired, Gemio will be able to alert its user to their friends’ proximity by using the detachable tile sets, which can then be programmed with light effects having millions of colors. 

Mobile app

By using the corresponding mobile app, wearers will be able to send messages to their friends as well. Different colors and lighting patterns can signify different kinds of messages. Coming in a range of styles and colors, Gemio can be the next high-tech wearable young fashionistas and tech-savvy individuals can use to show off their style with a pinch of technology to spice it up.

Gemio syncs to music

The Gemio band has twenty-four LEDs with millions of possible colors that can light up in rhythm to the music, or be controlled by you, or by a DJ at a club or festival. Dance with friends and sync your Gemio band to the music creating a rhythmic light connection.

Be the dj at the party

Orchestrate brilliant light effects across any number of Gemio Bands. Sync the bands in a dynamic bluetooth network, and control the bands using our iOS or Android App. Great for parties and events. Gemio's new coasters and medallions have the same light effects and software that have made the Gemio band the social wearable that lights up your night. Choose your medallion or coaster and order now.

What is in Box

1 Gemio G2 (USB charging) band, 1 Smoky grey tile set (pre-installed).

 Band size

2.67" x 2.2" x .67" (6.8 x 5.6 x 170 cm)
Band circumference
5" - 7" (12.7 - 17.8 cm)
iOS and Android
Battery life
Up to 8-hour 
Display20 RGB LED array
FeaturesBluetooth Low Energy radio, microphone, splash resistant


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