Garmin Fenix 5S

About the product

- Smaller-sized GPS watch with Elevate wrist heart rate technology.

- Preloaded activity profiles for all of your sports and adventures.

- Connected features include smart notifications, automatic uploads.

- Up to 9 days in smartwatch mode, up to 14 hours in GPS mode.

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Retains the original's sport-savvy capabilities

Setting out to improve upon the ever-popular Fenix 3, the Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire retains the original's sport-savvy capabilities, but in a streamlined 42-millimeter case that's ideal for smaller wrists. Updated to be more user friendly than ever, this version gives you the ability to seamlessly swap QuickFit bands without messing with tools. In fact, Garmin bundled an additional QuickFit silicone band, so you can quickly transfer between home, office, and gym without skipping a beat. 

Advanced Running Dynamics

Advanced Performance Metrics deliver both aerobic and anaerobic benefits from grueling workouts, so you can see how it's paying off in the long run and compare yourself to peers in your age group. Advanced Running Dynamics are handy for avid runners seeking information like lactate threshold, cadence, and stride length. And because you'll be branching out into different outdoor activities, it comes with pre-loaded profiles for everything from snowboarding to stand-up paddleboarding.

Outdoor enthusiasts

It's one of the most comprehensive sport and activity watches on the market, thanks in part to its wrist-based heart rate monitor, alongside pre-loaded sport and activity profiles for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. This means you won't have to wear a pesky chest strap or tailor your workouts to the watch's abilities, as you can record data specific to each activity and workout. And for dedicated athletes seeking the most accurate of heart-rate data, it retains compatibility with Garmin's ANT+ chest strap offerings. 

Sapphire crystal

This particular version is upgraded with a sapphire crystal face for greater resistance to unsightly scratches, should you inadvertently bump it into overhanging trail vegetation, rock outcroppings, and rugged terrain. The 5S Sapphire version is upgraded with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to quickly upload workout and activity data to your smartphone app. For times when Wi-Fi isn't available, the Fenix 5S Sapphire syncs with Bluetooth for uploading activity data out in nature. 

Item Weight
4 oz ( 113.4 g )
1.7 x 0.6 x 1.7 inches
Color of the case
Pink, gold
Battery Life
Up to 7 days
MIP Display
 iOS, Android
Polymer with metal back cover, silicon
Sleep monitoring


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