G-RO Carry-on Luggage

About the product

- The G-RO carry-on is made to go anywhere and built to last.

- GravityRoll wheels are guaranteed for life and let you roll easily over steps.

- Garment expansion sleeve, luggage strap for additional bags.

- Stay charged with easily accessible Dual USB ports.

- Adjustable, telescopic handle for travelers of all sizes.

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The bag has two main compartments

The first is smaller, and G-RO refers to it as the "office" compartment. That's because it includes pockets and organizational features for your laptop, chargers, documents, and just about anything else you might need to work remotely for a week. It also has USB cables that plug into the included power bank, as well as a pocket to store it. Both versions also feature an expansion zipper. The inside of the G-RO carry-on is designed as thoughtfully as the outside, which makes packing a breeze.

Finding the right luggage is a bit tricky

On the one hand, you probably want something fairly stylish, something that's distinct enough that someone else won't accidentally grab your bag getting off the plane, but at the same time, you don't want to stand out too much and attract thieves.

And that's not to mention getting to the airport in the first place, wheeling your roller bag over uneven pavement and sometimes cobblestones, through puddles and bad weather. The main compartment has a ton of room, and it's easy to maximize storage space with a removable compression sleeve. This helps you segment the main compartment in order to pack more.

More important than looks, though, is the quality of the bag

You need something that can stand up to abuse. Just last week, I watched from an airport window as a few pieces of luggage fell off a baggage handler's cart onto the tarmac and were left for around 10 minutes. Even when your bags aren't abandoned near the runway, checked luggage is manhandled from check-in to baggage claim, while your carry-on gets bashed around as everyone tries to fit their stuff into overhead compartments to avoid checked bag fees. G-RO has a few videos on its website with packing tips to make the most of all the storage options.

That's why luggage is one of those things that I think it's worth spending a bit more on

Luggage is a very "you get what you pay for" kind of thing. When you consider that a higher-quality piece of luggage will withstand more and will last significantly longer, investing in better luggage makes more sense. Described as a "companion bag," the G-RO carry-on is meant to be your mobile office or operating center for as much as a week at a time.

The bag features plenty of storage and organizational tools, yet stays maneuverable and durable enough for you to take with you just about anywhere while you're on the go. As a "smart" bag, it includes a removable power bank that lets you charge your devices through USB ports at the top of the bag.

The main feature of the G-RO bags are the two "axle-less" large-diameter wheels

Most roller luggage features either two or four small wheels on posts that jut out from the bottom of the bag. G-RO went for something different and built two larger wheels right into the side of the bag, where they protrude past the bag's bottom lip.

The wheels, which G-RO markets as "GravityRoll Wheel Technology," are surprisingly effective. When you're rolling the bag along with you, it feels lighter than most other bags. That's because the larger wheels distribute the bag's weight better, and because the way they're attached moves the bag's center of gravity closer to the center of the wheels. 


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