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- Unobtrusive, wireless security alarm.

- Controlled via mobile app iOS and Android.

- 30+ interchangeable covers to fit your design.

- Advanced neighborhood watch system in the app.

- Panic button to cover your personal safety.

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Keep your home, neighborhood and even yourself safe with the Fynoti Smart Security Solution

Fynoti is a wireless security alarm that connects to your WiFi. This unobtrusive device blasts a siren if something triggers the alarm. You’ll also receive a notification via the smartphone app. Without any physical buttons on the device, you can control it using the Fynoti app. To use Fynoti, simply insert the batteries, download the app and complete the installation. Additionally, you can connect with your neighbors through the app, so they receive a notification if someone breaks into your home. Likewise, if you ever need to call for help, just open the app and press ‘panic’.

It can also send notifications to other people of your choice

The device is powered by three C-cell batteries, which should reportedly be good for about one year of use.It's turned on and off – either manually or via a preprogrammed schedule – using an iOS/Android app that can simultaneously control multiple Fynotis within the home. That app can additionally be used to notify other people of suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, or to request assistance in emergencies.

This feature sends out a notification to people in your network that are closest to your location

Finally, you can just use multiple Fynotis to cover a larger area by connecting them using the app. Home security systems can be expensive, what with hardware costs, installation and subscription fees. The no-frills Fynoti system, however … well, it's not. Fynoti is simply paced in a room, which it monitors using passive infrared light. If it detects any movement within a range of 12 m (39 ft), its 110-decibel alarm will sound, plus it will access your home Wi-Fi network to send you a notification on your smartphone.


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