Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur Intelligent

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• Multiple Functions: Touch-sensitive,intelligent interaction, infrared remote control,fight mode,sucker bullet,independent programme, auto demo,music & dance,360°rotation,sliding/walking mode.

• Intelligent Touch-sensitive : Touch the interactive respondent area in the head,RC dinosaur would interact with shaking head and wagging tail,even different voice with multiple touches.

• Flexible Remote Control: Infrared diverse remote reply without any delay. dinosaur could walk/slide,open its mouth and scream,turn its head and wag tail,dance with music.

• Combat Fighting: Mode Received fight signals from transmitter,RC dinosaur would scream and perform the launch function,lock the target and launch sucker bullets.

• Independent Programme: Remember 50 actions at a time in the programme.Ask the dinosaur to play various coherent actions and functions one by one as you programmed.


Best video reviews

Powerful ejection device enables shooting those sucker bullets to far distance

No harmless sucker bullet to human body,and absorb easily on glass & tile. Flexible movements like walking,sliding and turning around.  4 pulleys in the sole of foot promotes slide moving.  Dance with music freely with flexible up & down actions.3 buttons dancing with music, change your style freely. - the robot would dance flexibly in its mechanical pop style, also blinking eyes.

Press the touch interaction key,and touch the Interactive Area in the head

RC dinosaur would interact with shaking head and wagging tail. Even scream out different voice with its dino language if multiple touches. Received fight signals from transmitter to enter into the Fight Mode. RC dinosaur would scream out,wag its S-type taile and lock the target.

Built-in LED flash lights,shows various blinking emoji,much funny!

Battery of remote controller: 2 * AAA battery (not included). Charging time: about 3-4 hours. Working time: 20-30 minutes. Remote distance: about 30m. Battery for Dinosaur: 3.7V 600mAh li-ion. Item dimensions: 66 * 33 * 16 cm. Package dimensions: 46 * 31 * 18 cm. Material: ABS friendly materials,electronic components.


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