Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700

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Using this mode, both password and fingerprint are required to unlock the door, making your home that much more safe and secured.

Every Samsung Digital Doorlock is put through safety and quality certification tests against electric shocks, strength tests and fire prevention drills.

With a surge-proof circuit design, fire detection system and a manual open feature in case all else fails, the doorlock is ready for anything.

With the assurance knob feature, you never have to worry about your child wandering away from home.


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Samsung Fingerprint Digital Door Lock. Automatic sliding cover and wide touch pad screen. Mechanical override key. 100 Fingerprints and 1 Access Code. With a state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition system, you never have to worry about losing your keys or getting your passwords hacked ever again.

Armed with a storage size of up to 100 fingerprints, this doorlock is also ready to serve small to medium sized companies. By throwing off on-lookers and spreading your fingerprint marks, this feature makes your doorlock that much more secured.

Save yourself the hassle and worry about leaving the door unlocked; the doorlock does it for you. Adjust the volume of your digital doorlock to your own personal liking be it to avoid disturbing others at night, or to be aware of every single entry.


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