Final Audio Design D8000

About the product

- Delicate sounds at high frequencies like planar-magnetic types.

- Produces an open-feeling with rich sound at low frequencies.

- Open feel bass tones of dynamic models.

- Has been machined with standards of high end cameras.

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Magnetic model driver with AFDS

With the development of the new AFDS (Air Film Damping System), achieved sound quality that has both the sensitive high ranges of planar magnetic models and the volume and open feel bass tones of dynamic models. This is a product that will have you making new discoveries from music you're used to listening to, and will have you wanting to listen to your favorite music over and over, reaffirming the pleasure that audio products bring.

Designed with prolonged use and ease of repair in mind

So as to make repairs and future upgrades possible, almost every part has been designed in such a way that they can be disassembled, ensuring that the product can be used for many years following purchase.

A machined aluminum magnesium alloy housing

To establish AFDS, an extremely high level of precision compared to typical driver units is necessary. Because of this, the machined aluminum magnesium alloy housing has been machined with great precision. By applying the kind of leather coating finish used with high-quality cameras, we've also taken measures against minute vibrations.

Newly-developed open type earpads

With not only sealed headphones but open-type headphones as well, sealing the earpads makes for a characteristic lengthening of reproduction frequency to bass frequencies that the driver unit originally couldn't reproduce. However, for the high-quality expression of the natural spread of bass frequencies the source sound originally has, it is necessary for the driver unit itself to have the ability to reproduce bass frequencies, and also to use breatheable earpads that are not tightly sealed.

Newly-Developed Detachable Cable

Two kinds of cable are included - a 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini plug type (1.5 m length) and a 1/4" (6.3 mm) standard plug type (3 m length).

What's in the box

The D8000 comes in a large two-piece black box with what seems to be almost a croc-skin style laminate finish. Headphone stand, Detachable cable (1.5m/3.5mmφ plug), Detachable cable (3m/6.3mmφ plug).

Item Weight

523 g
Aluminum magnesium alloy 


98 dB/mW
AFDS Planer Magnetic
Cord length
1.5m / 3m

Product Dimensions 

0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches (1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm)


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