Filegear One Plus

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• Filegear delivers a true cloud experience, without giving up your privacy and security.

• Filegear is a device that creates a personal cloud drive directly from your home or office.

• Access your files from anywhere and share with whomever you'd like.

• Use the storage you already have, to create a giant cloud drive simply by plugging in your external hard drives into Filegear.

• Offload all your files to Filegear, and reclaim valuable space on all your devices.

• Desktop device provides secure local storage and syncs with your cloud storage accounts.

• Intelligent software organizes incoming files and online access.

• Works with all major desktop and mobile devices, plus photos from your camera.


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To get started, you simply hook up a hard drive or two

Filegear has two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports for this very purpose. Should you need the space, it can actually handle up to 16TB of external storage. In the long run, even this might not be enough for folks who enjoy shooting HD video. However, at least you are not paying monthly cloud storage fees. You can plug in multiple drives for extra storage space, and the companion app lets you enjoy your media on the go.

It even syncs with your online accounts, bringing everything under one roof. You can think of Filegear as your own, artificially intelligent secretary. Rather than filing pieces of paper, this little box works hard to keep your digital world organized. For instance, you can search images by date or location. The app can even create smart items, and put your files on the world map.

Speaking of cloud storage, Filegear works seamlessly with most online storage platforms

This means you don’t have to go searching around for any particular file. Plus, it’s nice to have control over your files.The idea of storing data on local drives isn’t new. In fact, we all did it before the Internet became so clever. But in comparison with platforms such as Google Drive and iCloud, offline storage is hopelessly complicated. Trying to manage your photos, music, videos, and work across multiple hard drives is the stuff of nightmares.

Or at least, that was before Filegear arrived. This neat little media manager can back up files from all your devices and keep everything organized. This clever library also offers instant access to your media. You can see photos, stream videos and enjoy ripped music. And with full end-to-end encryption, the security of your data is ensured.

The next step is to connect your devices through the Filegear app

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, the app automatically creates copies of every new file. This works even when you are traveling the world — your snaps are still being backed up at home. When you get home, you can even back up photos from your DSLR.

The Filegear base station can take both SD and CompactFlash memory cards. The final step is organization. The Filegear device is equipped with a 1.44GHz Atom processor and 2GB of RAM. All of this computing muscle is devoted to file management. The box sorts files into categories — photos, videos, music, etc. — and by many other filters. 


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