Exhauss Exoskeleton

About the product

- Jib camera from the ground to over 6ft high.

- Arms allow operators stability and control.

- The articulating wings allow arms smooth free motion.

- Cine Exoskeleton is available in 2 arm configuration has a 35kg

- Limit Arms can be mounted on vehicles via custom scaffold mount.

Best video reviews

The Exoskeleton is one of the the best gimbal camera support solution in the market

The Exoskeleton allows operators the flexibility in moving your gimbal and camera setup side to side, vertically, circular motion, slow pushes and pull backs. Naturally giving you the feeling that both Exoskeleton arms are an extension of your own body, combined with the Helix allows you to capture more than just tracking shots.

The team at Exhauss has taken feedback from professionals out in the field and refined the Exoskeleton design to allow more movement, more comfort and more power. The Exoskeleton tackles real world situations such as going through stairways, doors, designed to fit in and around tight spaces.

The Exo with a camera configuration of your choice

Bespoke tailor made package to suit your needs. Gimbal operator and technician training courses offered. This Exoskeleton provides support up to 30 lbs. and allows you to maintain the freedom of movement. The underslung soft hand interface supports the weight of the gimbal while still allowing you to hand off the gimbal to another operator. You can also attach the straps to the gimbal and the Exoskeleton will hold all of the weight for hands-free operation.


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