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About the product

- An award-winning coding robot that unleashes your inner creator.

- Arrives assembled and ready to play with app games and two ways to code.

- Evo App works with most iOS & Android devices.

- Track your steam skills, connect with friends in the app.

- Sound system, Bluetooth Smart, proximity and optical sensors, LED lights.

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Each Evo comes with a full robotics kit:

USB charging cable, 1 playfield, 1 skin, carrying pouch, 4 color code markers, and Evo Experience Pack (free with Evo purchase). It is also app-connected with the Ozobot Evo iOS and Android app, Devices must be Bluetooth 4.0 compatible to support Evo and companion app.Evo introduces you to the wild world of robots. Remix Evo’s code and colorful personality to match your mood, then share your creations with friends. 

Creators Wanted

Evo is a pocket-sized coding robot packed with tech. The bot uses proximity sensors and tricks to start bonding with you right out of the box. First, Evo follows your finger, flashing bright LED lights to show that you’re officially BFFs. Next, Evo can’t wait to start creating with you. Transform Evo into an instrument, then play sounds and write songs simply by covering its sensors.


Download the Ozobot Evo app and auto-connect to Evo with Bluetooth Smart technology. From the Evo Experience Pack to Drive to Games, the app is full of ways to play, create, and code—collecting stars as you go. Customize your bot with a growing library of LED light animations and voices. Chat to keep in touch with friends or send them your Evo Drive sequences.

Hackable High Tech

Discover the tech that makes Evo tick with OzoBlockly. Move through levels and write OzoBlockly code to make your bot chase the cat, own an obstacle course, or do stuff only you could come up with. Load new code just by holding Evo up to your screen. When you need a break from screens, Evo unplugs with you! Explore your artsy side with color codes you make with markers. Evo reads your codes and responds thanks to optical sensors.


This creative coding robot won the Toy Insider’s Holiday Toy Award, Academic’s Choice Brain Toy, National Parenting Products, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice, and TWICE Picks awards. Evo also got some rave reviews from TIME, Mashable, TechCrunch, USA Today, Wired, and Reader’s Digest. It’s like a secret language just for you and your robot! Evo may be small enough to fit in your pocket, but the bot connects you to a global community of creators and inspires some seriously big ideas.


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