Etekcity Remote Control Outlet

About the product

- Remotely control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power.

- Saves you the trouble of having to plug in and unplug your electric appliances.

- Strong RF signal works through doors without interfering with other electronics.

- Operating from as far as 100 ft. In line of sight.

- Eliminates wasteful standby power and reduce energy use.

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Feel the Power

Etekcity’s Remote Control Outlet is a proven way to optimize your home. Save time and money thanks to our outlet’s ability to stop power drainage. The ZAP remote is easy to use and comes pre-programmed with the outlets The only set up required is taking them out of the box. You’ll be switching appliances on and off as if you had a magic wand.

Learning function and no limit

The Remote Control Outlet’s signature feature is the ability to connect 1 remote to multiple outlets.Have multiple outlets on one remote; keep your home in control with only one remote. Use the outlets to control all your devices: lamps, tower fans, coffee machines, laptop chargers, TVs–you name it. If there’s a lamp, power cord, or any outlet that’s difficult to reach, simply plug it in to your outlet once and you’ll never have to reach for it again.

A Helping Hand

Works as a helping hand in the house. You can keep all the electronic devices at hand with one remote. Control the house without walking around. Pair the remotes with the outlets to use one remote for up to five different functions! Want to move or change an outlet? Forget that old function, simply reset and teach the outlets and remote the new function. Activate multiple devices with one button or control one device with multiple remotes.

Save Energy

Save on your energy bill with the push of a button. Use the programmable outlet to turn off idle appliances, like lights, lamps, televisions, and radios, extending their life by 15% and save 15-30% on energy consumption.  Use the remotes to reach through doors and walls up to 100 feet away to turn on and off appliances in other rooms. The unique RF frequency allows the Etekcity ZAP 5LX full utilization of the remote outlets without interfering with any other devices in your home.


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