DROCON Ninja Drone

About the product

- The sky’s the limit with this 720p/30fps HD camera.

- Get an awesome perspective from the air and record wonderful moments.

- The 120-degree wide-angle lens captures true and panoramic views that will.

- Great for travel, parties, sports and adventures.

- Foldable and flexible blades make this drone small and portable.

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Important Tips for NINJA Drone

Read the manual carefully and follow its instruction before you start. During the flight, please adjust the throttle slowly to avoid damages caused by loss of control. The motors and circuit board will heat up with use. Please allow the motors to cool for 10 minutes between flights to ensure the parts last as long as possible.

The drone has different speed modes, if you are new to a drone, please use the slower one, so you can keep it under control. Equipped with a 120° FOV wide-angle Wi-Fi camera, simply connect your phone, the newest Optimized Camera with 90°Adjustable Angle gives you a live video of everything drone camera sees as you fly.

Operation with Remote&Mobile

Use both your phone and the remote to control the drone. You can also use your phone to control the drone, and the gravity induction mode allows you to fly your mini drone forward/backward, left/ right along with the direction you move your phone.

 Altitude hold mode allows the drone to hover in place without any input from the controller. The drone will maintain it's height and position allowing you to capture clearer picture.3 speed modes (low/med/high) make this suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts. You could even try switching different speed modes when the drone is in flight for more fun.

3D Flips & Rolls

This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button. And the 6-axis gyro flying control system allows you to easily achieve stable flight resulting in better and clearer pictures.The Gravity Sensor Mode enables the NINJA drone to automatically follow the direction you move your phone.

That's very cool! You can also fly it by your fingers controls on the phone screen.Replacing the battery on this drone is simple and easy, meaning you can continue having fun without the need to charge the drone.


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