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Analyzing your sleep with lab-level precision.

Boosting your sleep with powerful audio features.

Mentoring and motivating you night after night.

The first step to improving sleep is understanding it. This can’t be done without accurately measuring key biological signals: brain activity, heart rate, respiration rate, movement.

The Dreem Band’s sensors track your statistics throughout the night.

When coupled with artificial intelligence tools, these readings reach a degree of precision comparable to that of a laboratory.

The Dreem Band contains a miniature electronic core, equipped with sophisticated signal-processing and machine-learning algorithms.


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Every morning, Dreem Coach will share your hypnogram and key sleep data: how long you slept for, if you woke up, your heart rate and more. Then, Dreem Coach helps you interpret the information and highlights important findings.

It also tracks your sleep patterns over time, giving you a detailed report at the end of each week.Dreem Coach is your companion on the journey to better sleep. But it’s also where you set up your headband, activate Dreem Techniques, and view your live physiological data.

Beautiful and intuitive, pure and simple. The Dreem Techniques work using sound. The headband transmits the sound via bone conduction, directly from the forehead to the inner ear – no headphones needed. But if you prefer to use them, Dreem has also has an audio jack.

From breathing exercises, to sophrology, neurofeedback to diverse soundscapes, Dreem offers a wide range of techniques to help you relax before going to sleep. Plus, it can also help you relax or focus during the daytime too.

It analyzes the data received from the sensors and adjusts its response in real time, staying in sync with your biological signals. And all this without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while you are using Dreem.If you’re sleeping well, Dreem will emit sound stimulations at specific moments during deep sleep.

These stimulations are non-invasive and increase the frequency and amplitude of your Delta waves (the primary indicators of deep-sleep quality.) This is the major neuroscientific discovery that started the Dreem journey.


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