Dreamlight Pro

About the product

- Get the best sleep possible with the Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask. 

- Using light technology, it helps you sleep and experience optimal rest. 

- It tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns each time you use it. 

- As a sleeping mask, Dreamlight eliminates any light leakage. 

- It provides ambient sounds of nature to help you fall into a deep sleep. 

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Smart wearable sleep meditation system

Dreamlight is a smart system to help you get better sleep. Comfort is our top priority: having already tested our mask on hundreds of beta users. Light therapy can calm the user into meditation, optimized for a deep sleep & to remedy jet lag. Sleep aid audio helps users transcend into a relaxed state. With our DNA partner, we can better determine users’ sleeping habits and offer customized recommendations for sleep improvement.

Tons of features

Dreamlight Pro is a simple and intuitive product.  But it comes with tons of features; all put together to make one great product. Dreamlight Pro was designed to fit with perfect comfort by distributing the cushion around the sensitive areas in the face. We’ve worked so hard to make it the most comfortable eyemask in the market.

Facial mapping technology

Thanks to our 3D Facial mapping technology, we have collected plenty of facial data from all over the world to create a more fitted and comfortable mask for everyone to enjoy. The Dreamlight’s unique wrap-around design helps to sit comfortably on all users, blocking all the light completely, giving you complete darkness.

Light-led sleep aid system

By breathing along with the soothing glow of Dreamlight's internal orange light, you'll enter sleep quickly and rest better. Dreamlight Pro was designed to be convenient and easy to clean.

Only the best for our users

Dreamlight is made from the finest materials for maximum comfort. So you can have the most gentle fabric and silicone touching your skin without the inconvenient weight on your face. Each material has been carefully chosen to be hypo-allergenic, light weight and easy to clean.

Binaural audio

Dreamlight Pro has 4 embedded premium speakers on the sides, feel free to enjoy music wirelessly while you sleep. Binaural audio gives the surround-sound effect of being present in a relaxing and natural environment, rhythmically drifting to sleep to the patter of light rainfall, laying in the quiet echo of a forest, or resting by a summer brook.

Sleep monitoring

Dreamlight’s heart-rate monitor and gyroscope are used to create a uniquely robust sleep profile, which is displayed in Dreamlight’s cross-platform app. By looking at your vital signs combined with levels of movement, Dreamlight provides personal insight to help you get the best sleep possible.

Genetic sleep profile

By looking at your DNA we can recommend the best sleep schedule for you through the Dreamlight app, and transfer that sleep schedule into the mask. The Dreamlight DNA perk will see your DNA tested so we can provide you with custom advice to help to improve your sleep.

What in the box 

Dreamlight Pro, a carry bag to hold the eye mask and accessories inside, USB charging cable. So you’re always ready anytime, anywhere.

Item Weight

233.2 grams
Package Size
72.5 x 2 x 10.5 cm
Polyester, nylon, spandex
Ambient Sounds
Battery Life
4 Hours


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