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- With ultra-thin 1/8" lightweight adjustable speakers and durable braided cable.

- Convenient for girls or boys at any age who struggle with bulkiness headphones.

- Headband is comfortable, made of high-quality fleece, providing perfect fit.

- Easy to carry on the road and perfect choice for travel, school or home.

- The headphone device is detachable and the headband is washable.

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SUPER COMFORTABLE KIDS HEADPHONES - Original PATENT PENDING CozyPhones with ultra-thin 1/8" limiting speakers and durable braided cable. These earphones are a great alternative for girls or boys of any age who hate earbuds, struggle with bulky over the ear headphones. lightweight, comfortable, washable headband with adjustable, removable speakers provide the perfect fit and won’t fall off.

CozyPhones make great Valentines Day gifts for women, men, moms, dads, teens, kids, and just about anyone! The headband is soft and washable, and the ultra-thin speakers are limited to 90 dB to protect little ears. No earbuds sticking in the ear, or bulky headphones that don't really fit. Can also be pulled down over the eyes as a sleep mask for a worry-free nap. CozyPhonesTM are also great for sensory issues and special needs!

BEST EARPHONE FOR KIDS TRAVEL AND BACK TO SCHOOL - comfortable, foldable, and easy to carry. CozyPhonesTM headphones for kids pack easily in a backpack or suitcase. Our super-soft headband stays in place and will not interfere with car seat headrest or airplane seats, allowing child to sleep during travel by air or car.

MADE TO LAST 100% GUARANTEE - with a flexible and durable 52 inches braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. Will not kink, twist or break under normal use. Use with all your favorite devices and tablets like Apple iPhone, iPad,  iPad Mini, iPod, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, MP3, MP4 and other audio devices and accessories.

FINALLY,  FUN HEADBAND HEADPHONES YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE. These are ORIGINAL, PATENT PENDING COZYPHONES.When you choose CozyPhones, you’re choosing an exciting, simple to use, super comfortable solution for your little one to enjoy music and audio without any issues - or risk of hurting their little ears.


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