Cotton Carrier Skout

About the product

- Allows you to be active while still having your camera accessible.

- Webbing design goes on in a flash. Easy to put on ,easy to take off.

- Slips over the shoulder, then a clip around your torso.

- New quick release tether to prevent any accidental drops.

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Weather Cover

The G3 Weather Cover is designed for the elements. This self containing bag is weather proof protecting against dust and water. There is 10 inches of clearance inside. Complete with a clip to attach to any bag or harness you may have.

Saftey Tether

Backup quick release safety tether, or as some call it, the "oh crap strap!" Provides an extra level of security when using the Skout. Allowing you to be certain your camera is always safe.


Cotton Carrier original, flat, virtually indestructible, friction-free, hard-anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow for slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to still use your tripod with our system.

Professional Grade Materials

Cameras and lenses are expensive, so why take a chance when transporting your gear? Our high-quality products are made from tough materials: Lexan camera mounts; hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs, best-quality polypropylene nylon webbing and straps, quality stitching, and oversize clips all around.

Item Weight

1.0 lb / 453.6 g

Product Dimensions 

From 26" to 57" inch waist


Materials 1
High Impact rated clips made of fiber glass reinforced hardened plastic with aluminum lever and nylon webbing
Camera Hardware
Weighs 20.5 g
No weight max
Achievable by camera gear. This system is best suited for your small to medium sized setups
Materials 2
CCS Hub - Flat Mounting Hardware, Hi-density Rubber Washer, and Stainless Steel Marine Grade Camera Mounting Bolt
Materials 3
Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding fitted and a hardened nylon 6 receiver plate


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Smart Security Systems

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Smart Garden

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