Coolpeds Briefcase

About the product

- Is the world's lightest electric scooter weighing in at around 16 lbs.

- It can fold into a compact briefcase where you can store your computer.

- Can travel with it around the world as a carry on.

- Laptop compartment with cushion and multiple storage compartments.

- USB charging port for your phone.

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Like a "mini Tesla" at your service all the time

When you arrive, just fold it up and pull it along like a normal suitcase.  From the app, you can track its location.  With the USB charging port, you can juice up your phone and iPad, all while alleviating the pollution and congestion in the city!

Coolest  traveler

More than a century of little innovation in the luggage industry, re-invented the suitcase to make life easier for the modern commuter and traveler. No more tiring walks to the train station, boarding gates, to remote parking lots, classrooms, etc.  With the Coolpeds Briefcase, you will travel more comfortably and be the coolest frequent traveler flying across the airport!

Need compact of transportation

Commuting is tough for people living in big cities plagued by air pollution, traffic congestion and an energy crisis. Urban people usually commute within a radius of 2-5 km, a distance too far to walk and too difficult to drive and to find parking or taxis.  Bikes are great but are too big for many places such as offices, supermarkets, cafes, trains, subways, so they get stolen easily and they all need compact and forms of transportation.

Innovative solutions

Coolpeds is a ultra-lightweight electric scooter brand that aims to provide green and innovative last mile solutions for commuters, students, and travelers. Coolpeds' mission is to alleviate urban traffic congestion and pollution around the world, making them convenient to take anywhere, whether on the subway, in offices, or on planes. 

What is in Box

Coolpeds Briefcase Electric Scooter, USB charging port for your phone.

Item Weight

16 lbs (7.25 kg)
Up to 10 mph
Up to 8 miles
Durable polyurethane wheels 

Charging time

2-3 hours
Detachable lithium 
Regenerative brake with control at handle bar + back up heel brake
ColorGreen, Black, Red, and Baby Blue


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