Colgate Electronic Toothbrush

About the product

- Sonic vibrating technology for effective cleaning.

- Automatic data uploading via Bluetooth provides seamless pairing.

- Monitor brushing duration and regularity to help improve your oral health.

- Game apps help you make progress by motivating you and your kids.

- Share your results with your dentist to make checkups even more effective.

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The Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 offers Artificial Intelligence technology built into the handle that works with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you manage your oral health more effectively. Designed with the help of dentists, the brush also features sonic vibrating technology to thoroughly clean and protect your smile.

The advanced combination of sensors detects the exact position and orientation of the brush in real time across 16 brushing zones. Your brushing data is stored in the handle and is automatically uploaded to the Colgate app on your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. Then over time the learning algorithm develops recommendations based on your individual brushing patterns and shares them with you via the app to improve your brushing performance.

You get a variety of helpful tools in the app, including Coach, Check Up, and Dashboard

Coach guides you while brushing to help you adopt proper brushing habits. Check Up provides a personalized mouth map to show where you brushed and where you missed, so you can improve over time. Dashboard keeps track of your data, helping you understand even more ways to improve your oral health. The app also includes two free games that can keep you and your kids entertained by turning the brush into a game controller.


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