CloudRain Smart Garden Irrigation

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Turn your garden into a smart garden with the CloudRain Smart Garden Irrigation. CloudRain optimally waters your plants based on temperature, sun exposure, wind, and humidity. Likewise, it tailors your watering schedule for you.
By using a smart algorithm, CloudRain automatically finds the ideal treat for your plants. The CloudRain Controller is the central hub that controls your smart garden.
It simply connects to your Wi-Fi and CloudRain valves. Similarly, it can control up to five wired 24VAC valves. Additionally, the CloudRain Radio valve links to the controller via radio. It also draws energy from the sun.
Once you have connected everything, you can easily control it all via the app. You can also automatically schedule the ideal water-times using CloudRain’s Adaptive Watering. In fact, Adaptive Watering uses the local weather forecast to only water when needed.


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This is the central hub that connects your garden to the CloudRain system. Access the CloudRain Controller via our app. The CloudRain Controller wirelessly communicates with the CloudRain Valves and triggers the irrigation whenever and wherever needed. You can place the CloudRain Controller indoors as well as outdoors, as it is designed to resist all weather conditions.

Use our CloudRain Controller along with our radio connected CloudRain Valves. If you prefer to use your already existing 24VAC valves with wire-connections, the CloudRain Controller can handle up to five of your available wired valves and sprinklers. Connected directly to your water-taps, the CloudRain Valve is easily installed. To communicate with the CloudRain Controller, it uses a special radio connection made for extra low energy and very long range (up to 300m at free sight). Wires are neither necessary nor needed. The CloudRain Valve just uses solar energy.

Therefore you do not need to exchange batteries at any time, even if the valve is not exposed to direct sunlight. The valves only act upon the Controllers request and makes sure water only flows when required. Each CloudRain Valve is assigned to your specific garden-zones, e.g. “front yard” or “roses”.

This helps you to fine-tune your watering plan to the plants needs. You can use as many valves as you like to give every different zone of your garden the attention it deserves.Each CloudRain Valve is mounted to your garden’s taps and can connect to any standard hose or irrigation pipe fittings. It allows water pressure of up to 10bar.


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