CleverPet Hub

About the product

- CleverPet is the revolutionary new tool for engaging your dog.

- Watch them every day as they figure out puzzles while eating.

- Discover your dog's hidden talents and see them learn over weeks.

- Ideal for dogs who are high-energy, easily bored, and food motivated.

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The CleverPet Hub is a uniquely engaging experience for you and your dog – think of it as a game console made especially for your pup!

Created by dog-loving neuroscientists, the Hub is built to stimulate your dog’s mind with puzzles that stay challenging. Exercise your dog's mind and body, all day. When you aren’t home to watch your pup play, you can track their progress as they solve increasingly complex puzzles. 

The CleverPet Hub is the world's first game console for dogs

The games, which were designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists, keep your dog busy and out of trouble for hours each day. Give your dog more than a walk and join thousands of proud dog lovers who are already realizing their pet's full potential! You’ll have a new outlook on how your dog thinks and approaches the world. And while you’re at it, you’ll give your dog the mental stimulation they crave.

Ideal for high energy, food motivated dogs

The Hub isn’t just a simple toy that your dog can solve or destroy. Instead, it’s a tool to harness your dog’s energy and keep them occupied all day. We’ve seen the most success with high-energy, food-motivated dogs that can't wait to try new things. However, dogs of all temperaments and energy levels can play on the Hub.

Unleash Their Intelligence

CleverPet’s challenges advance automatically depending on your dog’s progress. The games start easy, but remain just hard enough to keep your dog challenged all day. You can leave the house with peace of mind knowing that your pup has an outlet for all that energy.

Stay Connected All Day

Available on iPhone and Android, the CleverPet app keeps you connected with your best friend even when you’re away. When you aren’t home to watch your pup play, you can track their progress as they solve increasingly complex puzzles.

Safe & Durable Design

The Hub has a smooth dome that teeth and claws can’t break, a low center of gravity, and a skid-resistant base. Thousands of dogs, from 4 to 160 pounds, have used the Hub and so far none have been able to break into it for food. Sensitive touch sensors keep your pet’s paws and snout safe from pinches.


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