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Place your food as-is inside Cinder, close the lid, and tap the button on your phone. (P.S. Cooking from frozen works too!). Cinder tells you how many minutes are left.

And it holds food at its ideal temperature for hours.Cinder is perfect for steaks, scallops, vegetables, pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes, and even chocolate strawberries!

After you're done eating, wipe down the grill plates with a paper towel, and empty the drip tray. And you’re done. That's automatic cooking.

Optionally remove the food from the grill and switch the Cinder into Searing mode. This will raise the grill plates to 450°.


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Cinder is a countertop grill that cooks foods perfectly

No overcooking. No stress.Cook foods evenly and to the exact melt-in-your-mouth temperature. We pull this off using next-gen thermal control and grill plate materials.The results are delicious.

Cinder is your new favorite home appliance

Your food is held within 1° of the target temperature. Overcooking is impossible; food stays perfectly hot inside. Unlike sous-vide units, Cinder pulls double-duty as a 450° professional searer.

No oil necessary, so no smoky stovetop mess

No vacuum-sealing, boiling water, or cleaning up pots and pans. When you’re done with Cinder, just wipe the grill down with paper towel. Pair the Cinder with our free mobile app to have it auto-calculate how long your food will cook for and what the target temperature should be.

Once the food’s target temperature has been reached (the Cinder app will alert you), you have two great options:

Let the food sit at the target temperature while you prep your side dishes and chat with your dinner guests. Cinder’s precision grill plates make it impossible to overcook your food. It waits for you.

Optionally remove the food from the grill and switch the Cinder into Searing mode

This will raise the grill plates to 450°. Then place the food back into the grill for 45 seconds to get that restaurant sear, which develops that iconic caramelized flavor.


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