Carver X

About the product

- Designed with two jets and two batteries.

- Carver X doubles the power of the traditional Carver.

- This is the ideal option for riders above 85 kgs to reach planning.

- Optimized connection with the wireless remote controller.

- New graphics for a high-powered jetboard. 

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The Carver X is for the advance surfer

The Carver X is the high performance model out of the Onean electric surfboard line. It can reach speeds up to 30mph and designed for carving.  The maximum speed achievable depends on the size of the rider. It can support riders above 85 kgs (200 lbs) with the ability to reach planning. It is the only model with a dual jet propulsion system for maximum power and efficiency.  If you are lighter in weight and a smaller rider, we recommend the Carver.

Powered by 2 batteries

This is the only model powered by 2 batteries, with a battery life of 40 minutes when riding at mixed speeds. The Carver X has double the power of the traditional Carver. Onean’s electric surf board’s are US Coast Guard approved. They are the only jet board company with this approval. Any board you select comes with a vessel certificate, registration and title approved by the USCG. 

Boards are top of the line in quality

Since all our boards are designed with a brushless electric motor and highly efficient axial water pump, they are quiet on the water. Any model board you select comes with a wireless remote giving you the control while you ride. The wireless remote has five different power levels and pressure control setting to apply according to the rider’s skillset and preference. The Carver X has reinforced padding with an antenna designed for optimized connection with the wireless remote controller.

Boards letting you enjoy time on the water

All our electric jet board models have interchangeable parts. This makes it easy for families who may want multiple different models as each family member may have a different model preference. All our board models have the same battery, wireless remote, fins, straps, handles and impeller. The maintenance of boards are easy, letting you enjoy more time on the water.

All CNC shaped with an EPS Core

This makes for easy repairs if needed. Electric surfboards are constructed the same way as windsurf boards. If you are seeking a new sensation on the water, you must try out one of our board’s. We offer on the water demos in Sebastian, Florida. Plug and Play Battery System: All jetboards use the same battery, so you can get the most out of them anytime. Plug & Play systems allow the customer the ability to change the battery in a few seconds.

What is in Box

1 Carver X board, 1 wireless remote, 2 Batteries, 2 Chargers, 1 Remote charger, 1 Fin set, 2 Footstraps, 1 Leash.

240 cm/7’8″
70 cm/35,4′
150 L
Weight w/o Batt
23 kg / 50 lbs
10.000 W
Max speed
To be determined
Charging time
2.5 hours
24,1 x 22,9 x 16,5 cm
Battery life
40 minutes at mixed speeds


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