Calamus One - Ultrabike

About the product

- This fast-charging e-bike has Ultra-drive mid-motors.

- On a single charge, this e-bike can travel up to 80 kilometers.

- It has a CDX carbon drive system supplied by Gates.

- Durable e-bike as it has a weatherproof computer.

- This e-bike will sense blind-spots and warn you through the handle grips.

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Integrated Touchscreen & Realtime Diagnosis

World’s first e-bike with an inbuilt TFT touchscreen, that lets you interact with the Ultrabike’s advanced features. Its central computer and army of sensors, constantly evaluate the bike’s health, and helps keep the rider safe.

Next-Gen Ultra-Drive Motor

Bafang’s latest generation Ultra-drive motors can extract greater amounts of torque from the same power rating, giving the One slope-climbing power irrespective of the weight it's carrying.

Detachable Battery

The Ultrabike’s battery has been thoughtfully designed to be detachable. So you can carry it back home and charge it in an ordinary wall socket. Ultrabikes come with lag-less carbon belts from Gates making your bike ultra-silent and ultra-responsive. 

Designed with ideal geometry

Calamus One comes with a front monoshock and seat suspension to keep the rider insulated and comfortable on rough and undulating surfaces. In Cycling, the rider and machine become one and operate in perfect harmony to extract maximum efficiency, therefore, Calamus one is designed with ideal geometry and proportions to give the rider a comfortable ride and enhance performance.

Item Weight

46.2 lbs (21 kg)


15.5 or 20 mph (25 or 32 km/h)


Stealth Grey, Ceramic White, Black
Tires  Schwalbe
Marathon GT
Wellgo C211
Wireless Shifting
Shimano Di2
504Wh removable lithium
 Lighting system
37 miles (full power)

Charging time

3 hours


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