Buffalo Technology MiniStation Thunderbolt

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• Speed: Interface (10 Gbps).

• Apple-ready for Mac and Time Machine (HFS + -formatted).

• Power supply via USB or Thunderbolt -no external power supply required.

• Elegant design with compact aluminum housing.

• Includes: Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 cable, Thunderbolt cable.

• Thunderbolt interface (10 Gb / s). Interface speed is twice as fast as USB 3.0.

• Two extremely fast interfaces: Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

• Suitable for Apple.

• Ready for Mac and compatible with TimeMachine Macs (in HFS + format).


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Suitable for Apple:

The MiniStation Thunderbolt mobile hard drive can be formatted to support both PC and Mac. It is therefore an excellent mobile storage solution for every device. And thanks to native compatibility with Mac OS X Time Machine, this mobile hard drive is also the ideal solution for backing up Mac computers. With the MiniStation Thunderbolt mobile hard drive, you can transfer digital content faster on the go, easily connect to other devices, trust compatibility with virtually any device, and break new ground when using mobile storage devices.

Thunderbolt interface (10 Gbps)

Twice as fast interface speed as USB 3.0.The Buffalo Technology SSD MiniStation Thunderbolt is equipped with an extremely fast Thunderbolt connection and a solid state drive, delivering breathtaking speed in a lightweight, compact aluminum case. An additional power source is required. The MiniStation Thunderbolt connection achieves read speeds of over 370 Mbps and a write speed of more than 250 Mbps.

Supplied adapters:

Since power can be supplied both via Thunderbolt and USB, no additional power supply is required. Simply connect your mobile hard drive to your Mac with the included Thunderbolt Cable. The slim aluminum housing with the transparent matted top fulfills exclusive design requirements. The MiniStation Thunderbolt mobile hard drive has an indirect memory access LED indicator on the bottom, which effectively illuminates the support surface.


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