Brush Monster Kids AR Toothbrush

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• Turn brushing teeth into a fun activity with the Brush Monster Kids AR Toothbrush.

• Using augmented reality, this smart toothbrush promotes tooth brushing and forms healthy dental care habits.

• By offering daily changing monsters and AR icons, the toothbrush makes daily brushing more exciting and engaging.

• Brush Monster also boosts independence by allowing your child to follow the AR guide to complete the teeth cleaning process.

• Likewise, the guide includes brushing, rinsing and cleaning their tongue thoroughly.

• Brush Monster is also a practical tool for smart parenting.

• Aside from helping children with their brushing habits, it also gives parents peace of mind with dental reports.

• Simply download the app to turn any smartphone or tablet into a magic mirror.

• The app allows children to see what they’re doing in real time and encourages them using a step-by-step approach.


Best video reviews

Brush Monster is based on the 5 modern IT technology to make kids grow up by themselves

Meet the magical change with smart toothbrush and mobile app. Just like a kitten, which accomplishes many things on its own, at an age younger than any other animals, so I have named our company ‘Kitten Planet’ with a feeling of wanting children to grow as an independent human being.

A smart toothbrush kit has been designed that looks to help make brushing teeth “fun and entertaining” for kids through an interactive game. Brush Monster has been created by Kitten Planet, a sub-company within Samsung Electronics that makes products and apps aimed at children. 

The toothbrush itself contains motion sensors and timers

This is also used to show spots on the teeth that kids have missed when brushing – teeth appear white when they have been cleaned, and yellow when they have not. The toothbrush itself contains motion sensors and timers that collect data which can be used to analyse the user’s brushing technique.

Over time, this will show if the user is neglecting areas in the mouth, and aims to lead to “fewer cavities and healthier mouths”, says Kitten Planet. Other features of the brush include an anti-bacterial soft brush which is designed for kids’ teeth, a selection of four vibration strengths, a battery power of three months and a light weight, says the company.

The lightest, safest and smartest toothbrush ever

Brush Monster is the unique solution that makes kids love and learn brushing teeth everyday with educational AR guide. Built-in sensor in the smart toothbrush can track and analyze the data of kids' brushing within 16 regions. Check how well kids did on dental report. Cheese, Cherry, Soda will become your family! Please save our Brush Monsters from the Green Mold! Capture the happy moment with Brush Monsters. New sticker everyday, 3 stars for 3 brushings. The lightest, safest and smartest toothbrush ever! Save your kids' teeth from cavity! FDA certified DUPONT's anti-bacterial soft brush is very safe and fit to kids' brushing. 

Game mission

The brush is connected to the Brush Monster app via Bluetooth, which leads children through a fictional story. Kids watch an introductory video where an “evil character” called Green Mold captures a small creature called Brush Monster.The kids’ game mission is to save Brush Monster, which they do by following the app’s instructions telling them how to brush their teeth.The app uses the phone camera as a mirror, then uses AR to project graphics such as sparkles, monster ears and goggles onto children’s faces, in a similar way to a Snapchat filter.

Brush Monster is super light for kids and the weight is less than an egg

From very weak to very strong vibration up to your kids' choice. Built-in sensor in the smart toothbrush can track and analyze the data of kids' brushing within 16 regions. Don't need any setting of bluetooth! Push the button then connect to Application. Efficient energy saving design makes 3 months use when 2 times brushing everyday.

The kit is aimed at encouraging children aged three to eight to brush their teeth accurately, twice a day. It includes a battery-powered toothbrush, which uses Bluetooth technology to monitor how the user is brushing their teeth, and a smartphone app game that uses augmented reality (AR).


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