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• Smart home, made simple. Brilliant gives you control over all of your smart home devices.

• It replaces any existing light switch with voice and touch controls that work with your smart lights, climate control, music, locks, doorbells, and more.

• From lights, climate, and music to whatever comes next, Brilliant simplifies your smart home experience by providing voice and touch controls for all of your smart home products directly on the wall.

• Instantly turns your standard lights into smart lights.Connects to Sonos, Nest, Ring, August, Ecobee, and many more.

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Brilliant installs in the place of an existing light switch giving you smart controls everyone in the home can easily access and use directly from the wall.Turn standard lighting into smart lighting, and intelligently control Philips Hue and other smart lights from your walls.Choose your favorite music and control your Sonos systems directly from your walls.

Control your home's temperature with Nest and other smart home thermostats with touch or voice. Ask for anything and get a verbal and visual response on your wall - Alexa is built into Brilliant.

Amazon Alexa is built-in allowing you to free up your countertops and desktops.

Brilliant turns standard lights into smart lights that you can control with a simple voice command or a tap on the display. Installs in minutes with no additional hubs, wiring, batteries, or programming required. 

If you can install a light switch, you can install your Brilliant in minutes.

No custom wiring, modifications, or remote hubs required. Brilliant works with many popular smart home devices, including Sonos, Nest, Ring, Alexa, Philips Hue, and Honeywell, to name a few. And we’re adding more every day. Not at home? Forgot to turn off a light? No problem. Brilliant has Android and iOS apps for remote home control.


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