Breo iDream 5

About the product

- This head massager is able to fit different shapes of human head.

- Constructed with a scalp massager on top with 72 massage nodes.

- The combination of air pressure, 42 celsius heat compress.

- Constructed with an eye massager with heat compress.

- Built in rechargeable lithium battery that enables you to enjoy your massage.

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360 Degree Head Massage

The massager is applied to the head top, head back, forehead, temples and eyes area, greatly relieving your stress, tension, fatigue, headache and dry eye, eye dark circles. Offers a human finger-like kneading to head and eyes area acupoints, heat compression soothes your dry eyes and dark circles, scalp scratching relieves the scalp tension and accelerates the scalp blood circulation.

Adjustable Head Strap

The massager girth size is adjustable from 56 to 64cm by a release/screw knob and the height size is adjustable by a top pressure button, to fit most of human heads and it is easy to put on or take off. The eye massager mask can be detached from the main unit when you only need to massage your head or when you need to watch TV or play computer/tablet/mobile during massage.

Tradition + Technology

The Breo Brain Massager Series Incorporates Modern Technology into Products to Blending fashion and technology, the iDream5 is stylish yet easy to use. Science, technology and elegance collide with a spark of passion in the iDream5 head massager. All these lead you to very peaceful state to fall asleep.

Cordless and portable

Built in rechargeable lithium battery enables you to use this massager cordlessly. Unlike other wired massagers, our iDream5 masager enables you to move freely during massage. And the sphere carrying case not only well protects the massager, but also makes it so convenient for you to take for travel.

Item Weight

2.43 pounds (1.1 kg)

Product Dimensions 

10 x 8.3 x 9.5 inches (25.4 x 21 x 24.1 cm)
iOS, Android


Air pressure + vibration + heat compression + soothing music


1 Lithium Polymer 


Bluetooth, APP




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