Boneco Hybrid Humidifier

About the product

- Humidifies the air with high efficiency, elegant design for your home.

- Cleans the air of large particles such as pollen.

- Washing machine and dish washer safe components.

- Suitable for rooms up to 540 square feet.

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System Description HYBRID

Depending on requirements, the HYBRID system can be used either as a humidifier, an air purifier or a combination of both. A permanent pre-filter stops hair, household dust and other larger dirt particles. The downstream filter reduces nearly all viruses and absorbs bad odors. Last but not least, the evaporator mat is responsible for air humidification.

Features of the HYBRID H300

Convenient handling, high performance and easy to clean – these are features of the HYBRID H300.  At the same time, the innovative, integrated filter cleans the room air and alleviates discomfort for people with allergies. Thanks to an integrated sensor, this appliance measures the relative humidity level in real time and automatically adjusts its evaporator output. The HYBRID H300 provides for real well-being in your house!

Control knob

The appliance can be operated directly using the control knob, and the BONECO app is available for additional functions: Simply set the desired humidity at which you feel best, and the H300 takes care of the rest. It doesn't matter what you wish for: higher humidity in the colder winter months, purified air during the pollen season or both – the H300 can provide exactly what you need. 

Choose the mode you want 

Choose the mode you want in the app (Hybrid, Purifier, Humidifier) and improve your air quality. In addition, various profiles are available for selection: The SLEEP profile supports restful sleep at night, and BABY creates pleasant conditions while your child is dreaming. Thanks to the integrated aroma compartment, you can fill your home with your favorite aroma.

Item Weight 
5.5 kg
Product Dimension   
280 x 280 x 465 mm
iOS & Android 
Humidification Method
Humidifier & Purifier
Humidifier Mist Type
Cold and warm
Humidifier Tank Capacity
4.5 Liters
Coverage Area
50m² / 125 m3
Operation noise level 1: 28 dB (A) / level 6: 51 dB (A)


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