Bluesmart Series 2

About the product

- Built-in SIM card and real 3G+GPS technology.

- Can locate it anywhere in the world with unprecedented accuracy. 

- Within domestic and international flight regulations.

- Can even charge your new gen laptop. 

- Travel with peace of mind, knowing your bags automatically lock.

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Introducing 2nd Gen Smart Luggage

Bluesmart created the world’s first smart luggage. Now we’re back again with our second generation. Not one, but four products: a Cabin, a Check, a Laptop Bag and a Passport Pouch. All connected to our app and featuring location tracking, superchargers, digital locking, weight sensors and much more. 

The future of traveling is here

Introducing the Bluesmart Series 2 Smart Luggage System which includes four new state-of-the-art bags. The Series 2 bags work independently as well as all together. These include the Cabin; a carry-on; the Check; a check-in bag; the Laptop Bag, and the Passport Pouch. Each features GPS and 3G connectivity for global tracking. It all rolls smoothly on sleek, 360-degree hubless wheels.

Bluesmart app

Connecting to the second generation Bluesmart app, you can find your bag anywhere. In addition, each has extra handy features. The Cabin is TSA-approved and features a supercharging battery. The Check is equipped with built-in weight sensors to automatically weigh your bag according to your airline. 

Digital auto-locking

Both of these bags have digital auto-locking so you can use the app to lock the contents inside. The Laptop Bag has proximity sensors to alert you if you leave it behind. Finally, the Passport Pouch works two-ways to also help you find your phone. The Bluesmart Series 2 suitcases are a pair of strong bags, made with world-class materials, and featuring the latest version of our technology.

Lock and unlock suitcase

With 3G+GPS technology, you can track the location of your bags anywhere in the world with a cellular connection, for free. Lock and unlock your suitcase from your phone with a remote digital lock system. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your bags will automatically lock as soon as they are away from you.

Product Dimensions 

22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 cm 

Charging time

2.5 hours
Battery life
Up to 30 days
iOS and Android
Location Tracking, Fast Charging, Weight Sensors
Cabin, Check, Passport Pouch, Laptop Bag
1 Lithium ion 10.000 mAh
ColorSilver, Blue Moon, Gray


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