Blackout Relaxation Hoodie

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The Relaxation Hoodie comes with its own downloadable soundtrack designed to induce the same brainwaves you experience in meditation.

Constructed almost entirely from calming ‘pink noise’ it contains every frequency the human ear can hear.

You find pink noise almost everywhere in nature, from crashing waves to wind blowing through the trees and rain hitting the ground. Inside the hoodie you’ll find a zipped internal phone pocket and headphones loops.

You can’t relax if you’re cold and shivering, so whether you’ve spent too long in the ocean or you’ve woken up frozen at first light in the Arctic, encasing yourself in the hoodie will warm you up at high speed.

Zipping the hoodie up when you’re freezing is like zipping a sleeping bag over your head. Instead of wasting the warm air you breathe out, it will simply circulate around you.


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Stick your arms in the pockets at the same time and you’ll be giving yourself a doubly insulated hug to stay warm.With people working 5,000+ hours a year, speed climbing mountains, running across deserts and surfing giant waves, the ability to switch off and recover is something we need more than ever – it’s when our bodies rebuild and our minds recharge.

But we spend most of our lives plugged into tech and using downtime to push our limits. So the Relaxation Hoodie is like an isolation tank you take with you anywhere. It requires no tech and no effort.  The black see-through visor makes the hoodie feel more like an isolation tank. It helps turn day into night even in the brightest environments. It retains body heat more effectively.

And it looks like a stealth bomber.The hoodie helps you relax even in the harshest environments. With the cushioned feel of a neoprene wetsuit, you could lie down on a hard rock ledge and still be comfortable.

The surface of the fabric is water repellent, and all zips are waterproofed so light rain simply rolls off. It’s insulated which makes it great for keeping out the wind whether you’re up in the mountains or in the city. And the fabric is breathable and stretchy so you’ll never feel restricted.


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