Biostrap Wearable Health Platform

About the product

- Get a full overview of your health and record any workout.

- With a wristband and a shoepod track your entire body and its movements.

- The two wearables work in unison to deliver a full body analysis.

- Tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate.

- Categorizes the type of exercise.

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Innovative sleep tracker

Sleep is the foundation for healthy bodily function. Clinical-quality pulse oximeter takes snapshots of your biometrics over the course of your sleep. Get oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, and more. Dive deeper into your sleep disturbances by quantifying your snoring, leg and arm movements and more with premium sleep tracker.

Capture every activity

Your body movements are too complex for just one activity tracking device. The Biostrap platform utilizes a wristband and shoepod that work in harmony to help you understand your body and take your training to the next level.Track cadence, velocity, reps, and more.

Recover faster, perform better

Heart Rate Variability represents your body’s physiological state to determine your personal readiness to perform. After establishing your baselines, you unlock personalized insights and your desirable ranges to keep you in optimal performance. Trending your biometrics over time allows you to to see what behavior changes are affecting your baselines at the macro level. 

Item Weight 
Wristband 23 g, Shoepod 8 g
Product Dimension   
Wristband 91x 91 x 91 mm, Shoepod 35 x 23 x 15 mm
Wristband silicone, Shoepod plastic
iOS and Android
Sports Electronics Feature
Sleep, Exercise, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Waterproof 5 ATM
Wearable Device Department
Women, Men

Battery Life

Wristband 2-3 days, Shoepod 8 days

Charge type



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Kids Gadgets

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Apple Accessories

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Office Gadgets