Bellabeat Leaf Urban

About the product

- Tracks your steps, distance moved and calories burned.

- Tracks sleep patterns, revealing the quantity and quality of sleep. 

- Tracks reproductive health, overview of menstrual cycle.

- Monitors your stress levels and helps you manage relieve stress.

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Jewellery and fitness tracking 

This beautiful unique piece of jewellery monitors your sleep, log your menstrual cycle, analyses your breathing and tracks your activity. No need for the bulky obtrusive activity watch. The best of both worlds, this wellness tracker combines fashion with function to help you raise your well-being to the next level. Become in sync with your body, mind and soul!

Combining function with fashion

Improve your overall wellbeing with the Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracking Jewelry. Combining function with fashion, this wearable wellness tracker makes it easier to take charge of your health and look good while doing so. Optimized for women’s health, the Leaf Urban device tracks activity, sleep, stress, menstrual cycles, and reproductive health. Simply access the app through your smartphone to view your activity levels and more. 

Wear the Leaf Urban as a necklace, bracelet

Aside from activities, Leaf Urban tracks your calories, steps and offers valuable feedback. Plus, you can use it to learn more about your sleep quality and find out when your next period will be. The health tracking jewelry is also capable of detecting patterns that may result in stress. Moreover, it comes with breathing exercises and guided meditations to enhance your self-awareness. Just wear the Leaf Urban as a necklace, bracelet or clip to boost your wellbeing.

Beautiful and versatile

Leaf Urban is designed to be worn as a bracelet, clip, or necklace. Wakes you gently in the morning and reminds you to stay active with Inactivity Alarm. Download the Bellabeat app, punch in a few deets and with two taps it syncs with your Bellabeat to build a picture of your sleep, activity and meditation habits – plus stress and fertility levels, all with a hidden accelerometer that measures motion and vibration.

Leaf Urban is a health tracker

It's a health tracker, but not as we know it. This one passes as smart jewellery, to be worn on a chain or with a wrist strap. Leaf Urban is a health tracker that is able to predict stress based on your lifestyle habits. It monitors your activity, sleep, hydration, reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. Leaf has a new elegant geometric design made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel.

What in is Box

Leaf Urban, Infinity Necklace, Active Bracelet (Violet Ice or Gray Wave), Battery replacement tool, User manual, 4 extra screws.

Item Weight

0.59 ounces (16.5g)

Product Dimensions 

1.8inch x 1.1inch x 0.43inch (H 48mm x W 28mm x D 11.5mm)
Wood composite with stone-like appeal & hypoallergenic stainless steel clip
Bracelet, necklace or clip
Water resistance
IPX grade 6
Android and iPhone
Coin cell battery - 6 month duration
Bluetooth Smart wireless syncing
ColorSilver and Rose Gold


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