WeMo Switch Smart Plug

About the product

- Works with Alexa for voice control, home automation the easy way.

- Set on and off times for your lights and small appliances.

- Sync lights to sunrise, sunset, and other external events automatically.

- The Wemo Switch protects your home better than a mechanical timer.

- Works with Nest Thermostat so your lights  “know” when you’re home.

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WeMo Switch

WeMo Switch lets you turn electronic devices on and off or set worry-free schedules right from your phone. Simply plug it into a socket and plug your device into the Switch. It's that easy.

Compatible with Apple (iOS 6 and higher) and Android (4.0 and higher), Switch works with your home Wi-Fi and can be accessed anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi or via 3G or 4G networks. It also works with iPod touch (3rd generation and later), iPhone (3GS and later), iPad (all models) and Android tablets.

Never Worry you Left Something On Again

Switch can turn anything plugged in on and off automatically like lamps, fans, space heaters and other electronic devices. Set worry-free schedules to match the rhythms of your home.

Have Your Lamp Come On At Sunset

Have your lights turn on at sunset and off at sunrise with the free WeMo App. Or combine sun and time rules to have a light to turn on at sunset and off at a predetermined time. It's quick, easy and can be adjusted right from your phone.

Put a Light to Work While you're Away

Away mode makes it look like you're home even when you're not with preset lighting schedules. Lights go on and off automatically or can be controlled remotely from your phone.

Turn Off The Kids' Room From Your Room

Never risk waking up the little ones again by sneaking in to turn off that humidifier or white noise machine. With Switch, you can take care of everything without even getting out of bed.

WeMo is Completely Modular

WeMo products are designed to work together via the free WeMo App, allowing you to light and control as much or as little of your home as you like. Pair any products from the WeMo family to program and monitor multiple electronic devices or appliances throughout your home.

For example, you can extend control even to other parts of your home with a WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set, which will give you control over single light bulbs, allowing you not only to turn them on or off from your smartphone, but also to dim to the required atmosphere setting. An Insight Switch will even let you know how much energy your appliances are using. The combinations are endless.

Multiple electronic devices can be controlled from the WeMo App, giving you instant visibility to every connected device. The WeMo App also works on multiple smartphones and tablets simultaneously.

Get Creative with IFTTT Automated Recipes

Turn lamps, coffee makers, fans and other electronics on when you get near home or off when you leave by using IFTTT (If This, Then That). Switch can even flash the lights when your favorite team scores a goal. With IFTTT, you can create conditional relationships between your products and connect them to a wide array of online apps.


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