Beddr SleepTuner

About the product

- SleepTuner is small and compact, bonitors your breathing.

- You can use it for multiple nights on end on a single charge.

- Discover your best sleep position.

- Optimize your breathing, convenient sleep assessments.

- Track impact of sleep position on breathing and oxygen levels.

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Unique Design, Straight-Forward Set Up

Weighing virtually nothing and only about the size of a postage stamp, SleepTuner takes sleep tracking technology to a unique place- your forehead. Initially, I was skeptical of Beddr's design choice. The thought of attaching a sleep tracker to my head before bed each night was uncomfortable, to say the least- but I had to know more.

Setting up SleepTuner for the first time is straightforward and hassle-free

All you have to do is download Beddr's iOS-friendly app on your smartphone and sync it to SleepTuner. After that, you're ready to put it to use. SleepTuner will record data each night and deliver reports to your phone the next morning.

User-Friendly Experience, Robust Features

So why the forehead? As it turns out, the forehead is an ideal spot for capturing all of the vital data SleepTuner needs. Similarly to other sleep trackers, SleepTuner takes measurements of things like blood oxygen levels, sleeping position, and breath and uses it to generate helpful reports. 

SleepTuner Learns With Use

With night after night of regular use, SleepTuner records and uses data to not only give you a better picture of your sleep quality but also learn more about you in order to provide more accurate data. Aside from taking measurements of things like oxygenation, heart rate, and sleep duration, SleepTuner also takes note of more personal data.

User-friendly reports

Each night, SleepTuner will record data such as the time, whether or not you've had a drink, and your current fatigue level. It then uses this, in addition to more technical data captured while you sleep, and generates user-friendly reports.

Item Weight 
5.3 g
Product Dimension  
33.7 mm x 24.5 mm x 9.5 mm
iOS 11.1 
Sports Electronics Feature
IR+Red PPG, 3-Axis accelerometer, oxygen saturation (SpO2)
Wearable Device Department
Women, Men
Lithium-ion battery - 50mAh

Battery Life

20 hours

Charge type



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