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• Awake’s Jet surfboard design is a leading Scandinavian expression of power and agility within a clean and elegant body.

• Attention has been given to features which ensure ease-of-use without compromising the thrilling riding experience.

• The result is an aggressive machine made with the user in mind, infusing technical advancements with intriguing looks.

• From nose to nozzle, Awake's premier creation; the RAVIK, is a purpose-built speed motorized surfboard.

• Awake's technology standard is cutting-edge engineering; focused on mechanical and electrical precision.

• The core purpose at Awake is to offer extreme mobility by use of high-end technology.


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Motorized surfboards

Through user feedback, Awake Boards are a direct response to what the motorized surfboards market desires, resulting in a patent-pending where it matters the most. Awake’s mobile application enables customizable power output. Focusing on developing electric motorized surfboards with cutting-edge technology, the RAVIK synchronizes extreme performance with intelligent, safe, and reliable internal systems.

What do you get when you cross surfing with cutting-edge technology? Something like the Awake Ravik, a stunning new stand-up electric carbon surfboard that promises to let you get in a scintillating surf session even when the water is flat and free of waves.

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision

Awake's electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience. Crafted from high-end composites, these electric surfboards challenges the users with aggressive power.

The slim rear offers rapid response and high agility, while the streamlined body design is sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics. The application informs the user of battery life, estimated riding time and a quick-start guide for your jet surfboard.

Composite materials

Depending on rider style, previous experience or simply the mood or conditions, the application provides the rider with four rider modes; KIDS, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME. Composite materials allow for a lightweight craft, essential for achieving high speeds.

Premium composites like carbon fiber allows the board to withstand hard impacts while protecting the vital electrical components inside, ensuring that you and your board can push the limits and come back in one piece. Made by hand with a composite construction, the board's hull is built to last.  

Watertight seals

A precision-machined impeller and housing parts ensure maximized efficiency and awe-inspiring acceleration. Watertight seals, together with the water the user rides on, eliminates the need for any internal coolants, minimizing maintenance. The battery pack features an integrated LED indicator, letting the rider know when it is time to go back to shore.

Based on user feedback, the Awake RAVIK is designed to facilitate maximum ease-of-use, both in and out of the water.  The exchangeable battery pack is easily swapped by a single movement, enabling hours of riding. The wireless throttle is ergonomically and intuitively designed for ease-of-use and is - of course - wireless in every sense. Even when charging. 

Fundamental features

This includes fundamental features such as temperature monitoring and automatic system shutdown if the product is turned upside down.  These features promote the safe use your Awake electric surfboard as an adrenaline-inducing machine as well as an experience for the kids.

This electric surfboard is built using state-of-the-art components, manufactured in-house at our facility in Malmo, Sweden. Aluminum, composites, and electronics are all brought together to provide the rider with the best experience possible; keeping the environment in mind. 


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