Avengers Hero Inventor

About the product

- Code your gauntlet to unleash 10 authentic avengers sound effects.

- Electronic building blocks, LED Matrix, plastic pieces, stickers and battery.

- In-app step by step video instructions and troubleshooting guide.

- Each gauntlet comes with new and improved locks and gauntlet.

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littleBits invented the electronic building block!

There was a real opportunity to inspire kids to invent with technology. Our magnetic “Bits” snap together to turn ideas into inventions, transforming the way kids learn so they can grow up to be tomorrow’s changemakers no matter their age, gender, race, nationality, or ability.

Start Super Hero training! Kids unlock hours and hours of fun Avengers activities all while learning important STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) skills with over 18 activities for Super hero kids to build, play and code.

Kids follow the Avengers

Creative kids bring their imagination to life by personalizing their interactive Super hero gear with included sticker sheets and household items. Kids follow the Avengers as they get an easy introduction to programming through block based coding, with activities to advance through programming fundamentals like loops and logic.

Includes everything kids need to build and customize an interactive electronic Super hero gauntlet including: pre-programmed LED Matrix, that can be coded to feature custom animations, sound FX bit with 10+ authentic Marvel Sounds or record your own.

Kids join the Marvel Avengers

Kids join the Marvel Avengers to become their own Super heroes by building and customizing their high-tech hero gear and unique identity with littleBits electronic blocks. With their favorite Marvel Avengers, like iron Man, black Panther and Shuri, and Ant-Man and the Wasp, kids enter Super hero training in the app, control their gear with their smart device, give gear new abilities with easy block coding, and use their creativity and steam skills to customize their own hero identity and gear to match.


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