Autel Robotics EVO Drone

About the product

- Boasting 60 frames per second for buttery smooth 4k resolution potage.

- Flights are safer with our dual GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning.

- Confidence with an intuitive 3. 3 inch OLED display controller remote.

- Its one-touch action buttons can control the drone up to 4. 3 miles away.

- Battery with 30 minutes of flight time per charge propellers, 32-gb micros card.

Best video reviews

Capture video from the air using this orange Autel Robotics EVO quadcopter drone

The full-color video panel on the controller gives you a real-time view of the terrain below, and the four propellers let you precisely maneuver the drone into position over your subject. This Autel Robotics EVO quadcopter drone folds into a compact configuration for storage. If you place emphasis on high frame rate capture, the EVO is an appealing aerial video platform.

The EVO has the expected safety features

Its positioning system leverages both GPS and GLONASS satellites, so a position lock is acquired quickly. If connection is dropped between the drone and the remote, the EVO will automatically return to its takeoff point. You can also activate return-to-home manually. The arms have to be unfolded before flight, but centrifugal force takes care of putting the propellers in their proper position—they also fold for storage. Opening up the drone for flight is simple, just remember to swing out the forward arms before the aft ones.

The aircraft features a folding design

With its arms folded against the body, it measures in at about 5.5 by 5.5 by 10.0 inches (HWD). That means you can find space for it in your existing camera bag—it takes up about the same amount as a typical 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom and adds about two pounds of weight to your pack.

The first thing you notice about the EVO is its color scheme

If you have to land hard in tall grass or brush it'll make the aircraft easier to spot, and black struts help you visually identify the drone as it soars against a bright sky.4K UHD 60fps camera equipped on 3-axis gimbal Front and downward computer vision Rear IR sensor obstacle avoidance systems 3.3" built-in OLED screen remote controller with 720p live video 30-minute flight time Speeds up to 20 meters per second 4300 mAh Li-Po battery with 1.3 hour recharge time 4.2 mile range Autel Explorer app for intelligent flight features and more.


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