Aurai - Water Eye Massager

About the product

- Cool and Warm Massage, lithium-powered device.

- Comes with lightweight pouch enable Aurai to travel with you.

- Water massage technology utilizes circulation.

- Waves to gently relaxes muscle tension around your eyes.

- Medical Grade Silicone, simple to clean and easy to maintain.

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AURAI Water-Propelled Eye Massager With Cool & Warm Compress

Aurai is the world’s 1st water-propelled, award-winning eye massager, powered by the patented water-waving system. The cool and warm compresses help stimulating blood circulation and relax the muscle tension around your eyes. It’s truly a great companion to release your stress and calm your mind from your busy routines.

Unique Wave Massage System

While other eye massagers uses rigid vibration, Aurai utilizes water circulation to reduce strain caused in modern life without creating any uncomfortable or potentially harming vibrations. With water circulation, Aurai smoothes your eyes in a gentler way to help you achieve deeper relaxation.

Tender Water Bag Design

Aurai adopts with breathable hypoallergenic silicone material  to reduces skin irritation and prevents allergies which cover your eyes gently and perfectly. Our temperature transfer system creates consistent temperatures with projected results to either hot, cold treatment courses.

Smart Water Level Sensor

The smart water level sensor will turn to red when the water is insufficient. Remember to add water to BOTH the eye mask and the bottle to ensure to have best massaging experience with your Aurai.

Refreshed in 6 Minutes

Aurai relieves your eyes in minutes. After researching with the doctors from Taiwan and the UK, we believe that 6 minutes is the most suitable period for people to relax their eyes as daily routines.

Item Weight

1.41 pounds (0.649 kg)

Product Dimensions 

2.8 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches (7.1 x 16.5 x 6.6 cm)
Breathable hypoallergenic silicone




Warming, Cooling

Moisture protection

Water- Propelled
1 Lithium ion batteries
 Best for Dry Eye, Tired Eye, Stress Relief, Dark Circles, Puffiness
Battery life
1.5 hours


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