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The company's Model Y is appropriately enough shaped like an upside-down Y, and it is worn like a backpack that's strapped to both the chest and thighs.

Utilizing two independently-controlled electric motors, it provides a maximum of 10 kilogram-force (22 lb-force) of support to the user's waist as they lift or carry heavy objects.

The device operates in three modes, which it switches between automatically.

In Assist mode, it helps pull the user's body up as they straighten from bending forward to pick up an object.

Its Walk mode subsequently turns the motors off when the user is carrying the item, minimizing resistance as they walk.

Once they're putting the object down again, the exoskeleton goes into Brake mode, supporting the waist as the user leans forward with their payload.

It's also IP55 waterproof, meaning that it can withstand water projected at it from a nozzle.


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It is a POWERED WEAR, a wearable robot that alleviates burden to the waist when lifting heavy objects, through powerful motors as well as sensors that detect the movements of the waist.

Easy Usage

Without the need to deal with troublesome preparations such as attaching sensors, you can simply wear ATOUN MODEL Y like a backpack and turn on the switch. From there, it supports your waist by moving in harmony with you.

Automatic Switching of 3 Modes

With the addition of Response Button for newly designed movable parts and sensitivity adjustment function, ATOUN MODEL Y versatilely accommodates to the wearer’s actions. This model can also be worn along with an air-conditioned suit.

Lighter and Tougher Body

The carbon fiber frame gives this suit durability and lightness. At approximately 4.5kg, it is the lightest in its class, and is about 40% lighter than existing products. This suit can also be worn outdoors and in rainy weather thanks to its waterproof and dustproof capabilities equivalent to IP55.

The Best Positioning for Human and Robot

This suit maintains optimal positioning with the wearer, through its minimal frame shape that allows for unhindered movement and its specially designed belts. The suit provides support and maintains breathability, helping the wearer to perform tasks comfortably in various situations.


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