Amaryllo Atom ar3s

About the product

- This is an innovative surveillance camera 360 degrees.

- This artificial intelligence, with face recognition security in the home.

- This camera will allow you to monitor your home through your smartphone.

- This surveillance camera will give you comfort and safety in your home.

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Face recognition

Atom AR3S is the world's first automatic camera, face recognition and two-way audio security robot. Working temperature from -22 ° F to 120 ° F. In addition to tracking the movement, the Atom AR3S recognizes faces and “remembers” people. Alerting the owner of the camera about new visitors and those that are listed in the camera. 

Install it anywhere with a good vantage point in your home

Still The Best - A host of features and ongoing software development make the Atom AR3S the most powerful security camera. Confidentiality, configuration and network settings provide an individual approach, but at the same time they are extremely user-friendly and easy to configure. 


The camera is protected from water, Atom AR3 will help keep your home safe. Easy installation — mounted anywhere in your home, the AR3S is the most versatile surveillance system.

AR3S can distinguish human faces and even recognize family members!

Eliminate blind spots and be alerted immediately of any potential threats. AR3S can auto-track intruders even from behind! Amaryllo employs 256-bit encryption technology, the same security level as military, to fully protect your privacy.

Minimize false alarms caused by natural background movement

AR3S can greet you with a friendly "Hello" or allow you to use two-way talk to communicate with the delivery man or scare off intruders. Swipe through your timeline to review all your recorded videos and alerts on your smart device, so you can know what happened while you were away.  Bandwidth is monitored to deliver seamless, uninterrupted live streaming.


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