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- Fully automated greenhouse with almost no maintenance.

- It takes care of itself,  you can grow high yielding, stronger plants.

- Includes preset settings for different kinds of plants.

- Grow year-round with LED grow lights mimicking the sun.

- The 4 fans help circulate air through a HEPA-type carbon filter.

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Grow your plants 30-50% faster, bigger, and stronger with hydroponics

Every part has a purpose and is designed for optimum growth and yield.Fully enclosed, greenhouse. No pesky caterpillars are getting in there and eating your plants, ever again. We got you.We have a badass HEPA carbon air filter pre-installed.This helps to filter smells AND cleans + purifies your air.

4 fans replace 100% of the air up to 60x an hour. Now that’s clean

Designed from the ground up, ASPEN GrowBox was built with your budget in mind. It has everything you need to grow, and none of that extra BS.You’re saving 30-50% more cash! ASPEN is a part of the sustainable gardening movement. We started with FogBox and have been innovating with sustainable growing technology for years.

We want to help change how people think about their plants: where it comes from, how it's grown, and what goes into it

Our goal is to help further the home grower movement and make it easier for people to grow their own plants, on their own time, anywhere, any season. Hydroponics is the future of growing. Let's grow our own plants, Together. Better, faster, whenever we want.


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