Apple Watch Series 5

About the product

- The Retina dial is constantly displayed - and time is visible all the time.

- Install a different strap on your watch and it will instantly change.

- They can quickly measure heart rate, with their help, you can quickly pay.

- A watch helps you achieve your fitness goals.

- They help to stay in touch, and you can chat with Siri all the time.

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Their display never sleeps

On the new, always-on Retina display, the dial is constantly displayed - and time is visible all the time. Just put a different strap on your watch and it will instantly change.They can quickly measure heart rate. You can also set notifications for too low and high heart rate.

They warn if the noise level goes off scale

The new “Noise” application reports when the volume level of the environment reaches a level that is hazardous to hearing. With the new application “Tracking the cycle” it is very convenient to record information about the menstrual cycle.

This watch helps you achieve your fitness goals

You can track different types of workouts. And to monitor the statistics will help advanced indicators that are suitable for athletes of all levels. At your disposal the entire Apple Music Library, as well as your favorite podcasts. 

Motivate you to move, warm up, get up

Activity rings show your progress and inspire you to move more, sit less and be more energetic. You can even compete with friends and compare your achievements. With a built-in compass and altimeter, you can easily conquer any trails, descents and ascents.

It is easy to install applications on them

Now, right on the watch, there is an App Store where you can quickly find and download new applications. You ran to buy coffee? Pay fast and secure with Apple Pay. This watch allows you to make calls, text messages and listen to music - in the city and in the woods, on the beach and in the mountains. 

And you can talk to Siri all the time

The voice assistant will find information for you on the Internet, determine the name of the song using Shazam, turn on the desired workout or turn off the light in the room. They have more than a hundred different dials, and each can be infinitely changed to your taste. You have not seen such a watch.

What is in Box

Housing, Strap, Charging cable with magnetic mount (1m), 5W USB Power Adapter.

Item Weight

30.1 g
Product Dimensions 
40 x 34 x 10.7 mm
Aluminum, Silicone


Silver, White
Apple iOS
Built-in Memory
32 GB
Wireless connection
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n, 2,4 ГГц)


Bluetooth 5.0

Moisture protection

Water resistant up to 50 m 


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Smart Garden

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Fun Gadgets

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Kids Gadgets