Appkettle Wifi Smart Kettle

About the product

- Developed from the UK, AppKettle is the result of several years of research.

- Development into sensor and app technologies within domestic appliances.

- Smart kettle is compatible with voice-enabled home hubs and voice assistants.

- Designed for iPhone 4s or Later with IOS system: 8.0 and above.

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Works With Alexa and IFTTT

Appkettle’s Alexa Skill means you can use just your voice to control your kettle. Tell it to turn on or say Alexa Stop Kettle to turn it off.The Appkettle can be voice controlled by using Alexa skill products, via IFTTT or a smartphone app, or manually using the controls on its base.

With Appkettle, the technology lets you do so much more than just switch it on remotely! You can schedule your kettle to turn on at any time of the day or night, so it’s just boiled when you get up or get home. 

The Appkettle is dedicated to saving you as much time as possible

With a stylish design that will look at home in anyone’s kitchen, the Appkettle also takes steps towards the world of tomorrow, allowing you a glimpse of the technology to come. A stainless steel finish gives your kitchen both that cutting edge sensation and a homely sense that this smart kettle has always been there, ready to push the boundaries of today’s technology. It ensures the water is ready for you at a time and temperature that suits you and your lifestyle. 

The App is Free to Download

The Appkettle app allows you to adjust temperature, schedule your water to boil at specific times of the day and can even suggest temperatures for specific drinks. So, whether you need it for your morning coffee, your baby’s bottle or a relaxed catch-up with friends, the Appkettle is guaranteed to save you time.

Its functional design allows you to grip the handle and pour your hot water with ease and safety. The temperature control mode lets you pick how hot you heat your water to whilst the favourites setting lets you save your most frequently used temperatures for quick and easy access via your phone. The world is getting quicker and time seems more precious nowadays.

Keep Warm Selector

Up to 30 minutes after the water has boiled, it will stay warm. Ideal if it’s too tough to get out of bed or if the commute home is taking longer than expected. As well as its innovative concept and design, this smart kettle is easy to use whatever you want to use it for.

The accompanying app is accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience with technology and there are manual controls available on the base, should your phone need charging. You don’t have to leave your seat until the water is boiled and, with the electric kettle temperature control, it can be boiled to your specific taste.

Energy and Safety Controls

Apart from the intuitive app interface, Appkettle has an LED base to show you the actual water temperature (~1ºC) and stop any unnecessary reheating in your home, saving energy and also conveniently remembering your last selected temperature for next time. Appkettle also measures volume in real-time to the app and can tell you at any moment how full your kettle is. For safety reasons, Appkettle won’t turn on if the kettle is empty or has exceeded its full capacity.


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