RolliCool Portable Air Conditioner

About the product

- With the RolliCool app, control your portable ac from anywhere in the world.

- Switch between three fan levels or cut sleep mode on.

- Portable design of this air conditioner and heater prevent accidental falls.

- Stay cool with this small air conditioner eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

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 The RolliCool comes with a dust filter that is easily washable. So that all you have to do is run it under the sink, dry it, and it’s good to go again. The RolliCool is extremely easy to install. Simply plug it in, connect the exhaust pipe, and let the cool wash over you.

The RolliCool dehumidifies up to .6 gallons of water per hour so you never have to worry about being sweaty again. The RolliCool helps you effectively eliminate humidity and heat so that you can rest comfortably.

Whether you live in humid areas or areas with hot summer nights, the RolliCool comes with 5 different cooling modes that allow you to be comfortable no matter where you are.

 A carbon air filter allows the RolliCool to absorb toxic pollutants from the air, leaving behind a cleaner environment in its wake.


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