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- Real-life robot like you’ve only seen in the movies and he’s to be your sidekick.

- Challenge him to use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective.

- Is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code.

- A compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app.

- Regularly scheduled updates bring fresh ways to play and learn with Cozmo.

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Adorably personable

Cozmo is a robot friend who loves to have fun. Thanks to AI, he can express hundreds of emotions, recognize you, and remember your name. He even evolves the more you hang out.


You need 1 Cube to play. Move the Cube close to Cozmo to get him to pounce, but pull it away before he can get a point. Watch out! if you’re too slow, Cozmo will get the point! Cozmo also has accessories. Check out the Cozmo case to bring him anywhere. or get him different colored treads to suit his moods.

Super-powered smarts

Cozmo is made of 300+ parts that create one super smart, super entertaining robot. With edge detection, Cozmo is safe to explore on his own, but he prefers together time.

Always game

Cozmo is a game-playing machine. Literally. Whether lifting his Cubes or challenging you to games like Quick Tap, Keepaway, and Memory Match, he’s always up for action.

Fearless explorer

Switch to Explorer Mode and see what Cozmo sees. You can guide Cozmo to go places, prompt him to greet people and pets, and use Cozmo’s lift to move his Cubes around. It’s open-ended fun.

Always fresh

Regularly scheduled updates bring fresh ways to play and learn with Cozmo. Recently added games include challenges of speed and puzzles that test your mind such as: Code Cracker, Stack Attack, Poppin’ Locks, Cube Tennis, Robo-Sham-Bo, and Robo Showdown to name a few. Check out the Cozmo Blog on Anki's website to see what’s in the latest app update.

Intermediate: Constructor

Take your coding skills to the next level in Cozmo’s Constructor Mode. Intermediate coders can create more complex projects with endless possibilities, like designing games on Cozmo’s display or coding an interactive dance party.

Meet Cozmo, a gifted little guy who’s got a mind of his own and a few tricks up his sleeve

He’s the sweet spot where supercomputer meets loyal sidekick. Curiously smart and a little mischievous. You see, Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. He’ll nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. Cozmo’s your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun.

Create with Cozmo

Cozmo’s Code Lab is designed for children to explore, organize, and express their ideas creatively by programming their Cozmo. Begin with Sandbox, create complex projects with Constructor, and use the Python SDK to tap into Cozmo’s full capacity.

Beginner: Sandbox

Cozmo’s Sandbox Mode is the best place to start coding. Simply snap together blocks to create your first project, like making Cozmo sneeze or sing a song. Complete challenges to customize your creations and grow your skills.

Creative coding

Cozmo’s big brain and even bigger personality are operated by impressive technology. Besides all the games and smarts he comes with out of the box, you have access to a visual programming language that’s stem-ready for beginners.

Program Cozmo to do anything from performing a victory dance, sneezing, or playing hot potato with his Cubes. Simply use the drag and drop coding blocks on the Cozmo app to build a new combination of blocks, and you’ll see Cozmo act out your creation. There are no limits to what you can create. All it takes is imagination.

What’s Inside Cozmo?

AI and advanced robotics.


Good luck getting Cozmo to stay still. With four motors and over fifty gears, he explores and discovers like a mini-mars rover.


Cozmo doesn’t just see you; he gets to know you. A 30fps VGA camera and facial recognition software let him remember interactions.


You’ll never have to guess how Cozmo is feeling. He wears his heart right on his 128 x 64 resolution facial display.


Cozmo’s a dreamer. If your onboard CPU evaluated thousands of potential future states each second, you would be too.

Memory Match

Game time just got another dose of fun. Follow the pattern on Cozmo’s Cubes. Watch the lights, listen to the tones. You and Cozmo take turns remembering and repeating the series as it grows more complex. Sound easy? just wait. Cozmo’s sharper than he looks. 

Quick tap

Both you and Cozmo need your own Cube to play. When your Cube is flashing, tap it to begin the game. When the colors on both Cubes match, the first player to tap their Cube gets a point. Only tap when colors match.


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