Ampler E-Bike Сurt

About the product

- 28" wheels with 28 mm asymmetrical rims.

- Continental Grand Prix 4-Season, 32-622 mm.

- 45-100 km depending on terrain and assist mode.

- Precise pedal torque-sensing motor control system.

- Smartphone connectivity with option to change motor settings.

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 Raw. Fast. Untamed

Curt is a fast-moving and bold city charger that’s stripped of all excess, only keeping that which is key to a fierce ride. The stiff frame, full-carbon fork and straight handlebars give Curt an athletic look and keep the weight down to just 13.5 kg. Combined with a sporty geometry, the ride feels firm and highly responsive – just like a true racer.


Configured for speed

Available in single-speed and 10-speed configurations, you can choose the version that fits your needs for versatility and looks. The single-speed configuration features a Gates Carbon belt drive that keeps Curt’s drivetrain clean, quiet and maintenance-free. The 10-gear version features the Shimano Deore M6000 shifter and derailleur which make even the steepest hills flat.


Designed for the streets

The lightweight mudguards keep you dry on rainy days and the puncture-protected Continental tyres offer you peace-of-mind when riding on busy and unpredictable streets. You’ll stay visible to others and illuminate even the darkest roads with the powerful integrated light set. The resulting bike is as sleek as ever while giving you the flexibility to ride in all weather conditions, everywhere.

Integrated electronics

Ampler is a regular-looking bicycle with integrated superpowers. No bulky batteries, thumb throttles or complex screens. All electronics are hidden in the frame so you could simply hop on and cycle as you normally would while enjoying the secret boost from the motor.

25 km/h
45-100 km depending on terrain and assist mode
48 V 336 Wh LG Li-ion battery
Motor48 V 250 W rear hub 
28" wheels with 28 mm 
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season, 32-622 mm
13.5 kg (Single-speed belt) / 14.3 kg (10-speed chain)
Charging time
2.5 hours for a full charge


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