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Room temperature isn’t the only factor that affects how comfy you feel at home.

That’s why Ambi Climate also considers time of day, amount of sunlight, level of indoor humidity, and immediate weather conditions to create the most complete method of air conditioning while simultaneously saving on energy costs.

Now, your heat and AC can auto-adjust in the middle of the night when the temperature drops, or in the morning when the sun comes up!

The small, sleek device completely optimizes your comfort and energy expenditure without interrupting the flow of your home; it’s got beauty and brains!


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ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE, MAX COMFORT – This is one smart, energy-conserving air conditioner controller! From a robust AI engine, to smart modes and unlimited timers to create personalized comfort, you’ll give the Ambi Climate an A+!

VOICE ACTIVATED COMFORT – Never get up to turn on or adjust the heat or AC again! Ambi Climate is integrated with Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control for your AC! And when you’re away, use IFTTT & Geolocation to ensure you don’t return to a freezing or overheated home!

2-YEAR WARRANTY – Ambi has you covered for more than just air conditioning control! Purchase confidently, knowing a 2-year manufacturer warranty is included.

USE THE AMBI APP – Keep your home at always-perfect conditions with your smartphone. Give feedback on your comfort level via Ambi’s app (iOS and Android), and watch how your device learns to auto-adjust your heating and AC to match your needs.

FRIENDLY REMINDER – The Ambi Climate is a smart AC controller for heat pumps, ductless mini-splits and any unit with a multi-function LCD-screen remote control. Most brands are compatible with Ambi, excluding Frigidaire.


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